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Virtual Hosting at Edge
Edge has chosen to build their virtual server environment on Vmwares enterprise solution based on hardware from Cisco and EMC.

The virtual environment allows any combination of performance, storage and memory in the server instances which means that there is no reason to initially oversize the servers, it is also possible to make changes to these parameters at any time, even during operations.

Since the virtual environment is running using multiple physical servers, it is not as sensible for hardware malfunction as a traditional environment. If hardware malfunction would occur, or at planned maintenance, the virtual instances are moved to other hardware within the cluster during operations to prevent disruptions.

Smart — test first
Before major changes within software on a server, for instance with upgrades of applications, patches, etc. we can easily clone a running instance where we test the upgrade before applying it to the live environment.

Cost effective
Since the virtual instances are spread over multiple physical hardware the resource usage is optimized, meaning the the cost per each instance becomes lower that within a traditional environment. Quick — instant delivery The virtual environment always has available capacity, meaning that new instances can be delivered instantly — given that required communications are in place.

Easy — EdgeBackup hosting
Edge has today a solution for backup using robots to cover your needs. Backup is a constantly recurring problem where the human factor is the crucial part, humans make mistakes and this is not consistent with a good and reliable backup that can't fail. In fact, many companies today have a substandard backup while we know that the loss of data can be devastating for most companies.

Edge hosted backup is built on components that has been in used by multinational corporations for over 30 years. We let you easily share the cost and allowing you to have the same amount of reliability and automation that in many cases would be association with a high cost for small- to medium business. The requirements are access to the Internet with enough bandwidth to manage your needs for backup, and an agent which we will install at your site. All data is sent encrypted, and management of tapes is performed by us. If you are in need of quick restore, we will manage that by first backing up data to disk at your site, and then perform a tape-backup at our data center.

The main advantage with actually storing the backup in another building is extremely obvious in terms of a fire or burglary. This solution also eliminates the worries to organize tape management during sickness or vacations.

Building future companies and organizations is largely about being able to adapt quickly to market and business conditions. We'll take you there.