Start in Pole Position! Let our experts take care of all that complex technology.
Infrastructure has the solutions for efficient management of platforms with standardization and automation – independent of which specific function the products or platforms are based upon. We have as a goal to build complete and efficient solutions which includes the chain from initial setup, to maintenance, upgrades, control, follow-ups and feedback.
Infrastructure creates a high degree of integration between existing applications, administrative tasks and your directory services to simplify i.e. user administration.
We deliver complete solutions for the workspace regardless of physical location or device. The solutions are accessible from the Internet as well as your cell-phone/PDA while still maintaining a maximum level of security.

Virtualization has lately become a hot subject, however, for us at Edge this is old news. We have delivered virtual solutions for many years and during these years achieved a very high level of competence within this area. We help you all the way, from planning to operations.

Storage is an important building-block for solutions within virtualization as well backup. We can help you to size your storage needs with the correct amount from the beginning, including performance, storage area and level of security. SAN-solutions with Fiber Channel as well as iSCSI is something we do every day.

Backup is in IT today extremely important. To take a backup is one thing but how do you know that the automated backup that runs for every night actually can be used to restore they day that it is actually required? We at Edge make sure that you never again need to worry about your backup. We have fast and reliable solutions for backing up data as well as systems and are happy to help you with tests of Disaster Recovery.

Secure communication is the key to provide your local network, your remote connections and teleworkers the security and efficiency that is required in day to day operations. Wireless services are an area that places high requirements on the surrounding security to prevent unauthorized access to internal resources.

Edge Managed Communication
Together with Edge Helpdesk and Cisco SmartCare we can take operative responsibility with proactive surveillance of your network. Monitoring is based on an appliance that is installed within your network that continuously monitors your equipment and reports any possible problems to us, ranging from a malfunctioning device to a discovered security caveat in a certain revision meaning that a software upgrade should take place. Besides the surveillance, a service agreement for covered equipment including hardware replacement and access to support is included.

Edge Infrastructure handles operating systems, on client- as well as server-side. Infrastructure also works with network services like directory and e-mail.