Edge helpdesk — A certified service-center for your company

Use Edge entire highly skilled and certified competence by Edge Helpdesk. Our Helpdesk can provide your company with the competence and support you need. Each Helpdesk-agreement is tailored to suite your specific needs.

Many of our customers have realized the advantages and are using Edge Helpdesk as 1st and 2nd level of support for their users. One of many advantages is that the helpdesk is backed up by each areas specific competence, providing a unique knowledgebase and access to highly skilled resources.

The effect of this is that your company can lower the cost for IT-operations and receives an increased focus for each persons primary assignments. Reporting and escalation via ticket management is possible, giving your company a traceability and overview of the existing and previous cases.

Within the reports, a overview will provide you with information to determine for instance if education could be needed to increase your users productivity, or provide you with information regarding needed changes within software or hardware.

At times of training, sickness or vacations, our helpdesk can help cover your needs — temporary or permanent.

Edge helpdesk provides service during regular business hours, CET 08:00-17:00. Exception applies to bank holidays and weekends unless a specific arrangement has been made within the agreement. Edge Helpdesk has Help Desk Analyst certified staff according to Help Desk Institute.

Languages supported today are Swedish and English.

  • Single point of contact for assistance
  • Overview and wide knowledge
  • Reporting of incidents/request for assistance can be made via phone, mail or Internet
  • Problem resolution takes place via phone, mail, WAN/Internet, VPN, or onsite visit
  • Remote control of users PCs are easy via encrypted connection using the Internet
  • A detailed case-record created in our Helpdesk-system
  • Each case receives a unique ticket number, used in all contacts regarding the issue allowing for traceability according to ITIL
  • Increased efficiency
  • Quick responses
  • Cost efficient
  • Access to Edge combined competence