Sveba-Dahlen's Recipe for Success

Do you like the smell from freshly baked in your ICA store or your local bakery? The baking furnaces are probably from a world-leading company in Fristad, just outside of Borås: Sveba-Dahlen. A Swedish, innovative company that started in 1948. Today it is stronger than ever with large exports and manufacturing in and outside Sweden. Turnover amounts to over half a billion SEK and in the Sveba-Dahlen Group, there are just over 300 employees in 100 countries.

With operations in several countries and a geographically dispersed sales organization, we started seriously looking for a video option a year ago. Over the years we have tested different systems - now Skype for Business. But we have not been completely satisfied. It was harder, had unstable quality and their mobile device apps have a lot more to be desired. Together with EdgeIT we got it right. Marcus and his colleagues got briefed about Cisco Spark, which was a real eye-opener for them. EdgeIT's installation of Cisco Spark at Sveba-Dahlen was the first of its kind in Sweden.
"EdgeIT has helped us save time and communication flows better," says Marcus.

- Now we drive Spark as a cloud service for everyone. This means, among other things, that everything is saved and is searchable, unlike other chat services where conversations disappear. We communicate one-on-one, but especially in groups - both external and internal, says Marcus. Groups, email, video, chat and conversation - Especially appreciated is the ability to post groups. - All information is gathered in an easily accessible way, and all members can write, share files, tag documents, call, make use of video, book meetings and use whiteboard through the new Spark Board - something we haven’t got yet, but are curious about, says Marcus.

- We run our weekly meetings over video - no matter what equipment the participants have. Just the video part has been welcomed - The difference to Skype for Business is great. It's easy to get started and call everyone at the same time. Three keystrokes are basically all that is required, says a satisfied Marcus.

Now, employees at Sveba-Dahlen work a great deal of their time in Cisco Spark. This means that their emails have fallen by almost half. Employees also find that they now have easier finding things. It adds an excellent search feature to the app.

- Because Spark is from Cisco, high security is obvious. What distinguishes Spark from, for example, Slack is the possibility of virtual meeting places, Marcus concludes.

"We feel safe in cooperation with EdgeIT. Their introduction of Cisco Spark as a cloud service in our business has really been an eye-opener."

Marcus Nilsson